About us

All MASCOTS Jewelry are produced at our Jewelry Workshop located in Chiangmai, Thailand. Chiangmai is the primary location of the traditional silver jewelry-making industry in Thailand since 17th century. Continuing to the present day, centuries of tradition and the know-how of skilled artisans, has forged the people recognized reputation of the great silversmiths houses.

By working with experienced silversmiths and a traditional method of jewelry-making for many decades, we have guaranteed access to the beautiful and exquisite jewelry. We use only equipment and processes that have proved their worth over many decades, which makes our jewelry achieve the highest quality.


MASCOTS by Memorine

P.Collection Co.,Ltd.

120/33 m.3 Chiangmai-Sankampaeng rd., T.Sanklang,

A.Sankampaeng, Chiangmai THAILAND 50130