Restoration Service

Restoration requires highly specialized skills, It is our declared objective to preserve the original condition of the jewelry when the jewelry was crafted.

We will provide you a quotation. You can make a decision whether you wish to have the restoration carried out and what you would like to have restored.

Should you need to return your jewelry to our factory, we recommend that you pack it carefully so as to avoid any damage and send it by registered mail to MASCOTS by Memorine, P.Collection Co.,Ltd. 120/33 m.3 Chiangmai-Sankampaeng Rd., T.Sanklang, A.Sankampaeng, Chiangmai, Thailand 50130. Please also include your e-mail address so that we can contact you in the event of queries.

For specific instructions about restoration service for your Memorine Jewelry, Please contact us at :

MASCOTS by Memorine

P.Collection Co.,Ltd.

120/33 m.3 Chiangmai-Sankampaeng rd., T.Sanklang, A.Sankampaeng, Chiangmai THAILAND 50130

Email :

Tel :  +66 94 419 6963